“Pavement management” refers to a systematic process of maintaining, upgrading and operating a network of pavements and involves three major components: the pavement life cycle, the costs associated with this life cycle and pavement management systems.


An overview of environmental impacts associated with pavements, including potential noise, pollution, and heat radiation issues.


An overview of analysis approaches used to assess pavement life cycles. The primary function is cost analysis, but depending on the purpose of the analysis, it may also be extended to other factors such as environmental impacts.

Pavement Distresses

Properly designed and maintained HMA pavements can provide many years of satisfactory service. However, like all pavements, HMA pavements can […]

Pavement Evaluation

Pavement performance is a function of its relative ability to serve traffic over a period of time (Highway Research Board, […]


As of 2002, about 35 States are using some form of statistical acceptance.

Quality Assurance

Quality has become one of the most important consumer decision factors in the selecting among competing products and services. This […]


Compaction is the process by which the volume of air in an HMA mixture is reduced by using external forces […]