Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Rigid Pavement Rehabilitation

Full-Depth Repair

In concrete pavement contraction design (CPCD), the following distresses require FDR: transverse cracks due to temperature/moisture variations and/or wheel load stress that extend through the depth of a slab (but not plastic shrinkage cracks which occur when the rate of evaporation from the surface exceeds the rate at which the bleed water is available – … Read more »

Dowel Bar Retrofit Procedures

The following describes the steps needed to complete the DBR. 1. Identify the need for DBR ACPA and an FHWA identified conditions that will benefit from DBR. Those conditions are: Load transfer efficiency (LTE) of 60 percent or less Faulting greater than 0.1 inch Differential deflection of 10 mils or more Since the load transfer … Read more »

Structural HMA Overlays for PCC Pavement

HMA structural overlays are used to increase rigid pavement structural capacity. Therefore, they are considered rehabilitation, although they typically have some maintenance-type benefits as well. Although the specific constants used may be different, flexible overlays of rigid pavement are designed in the same basic manner as flexible overlays of flexible pavement.

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