Rigid Pavement Transportation

The process of transporting ready mix concrete from the production facility to the paving site. This includes truck loading, weighing and ticketing, hauling, mixing and agitation, placement, and truck washing.

PCC Transport

Mix transport involves all actions and equipment required to convey PCC from a batching facility to a paving site including truck loading, weighing and ticketing, hauling to the paving site, mixing (if required), agitation, placing, truck washing and truck return to the batching facility. The goal of mix transport is to delivery PCC to the … Read more »

PCC Truck Mixer

Truck mixers are the most common mode of PCC transport. They consist of a truck-mounted drum that rotates on an inclined axis. A typical mixing truck (Figures 1 and 2) uses a 6.9 – 9.2 m3 (9 – 12 yd3) mixing drum, the size being limited due to gross vehicle weight of the loaded truck. … Read more »