Flexible Pavement Transportation

The process of transporting asphalt mix from the production facility to the paving site. This includes truck loading, weighing and ticketing, hauling, and unloading.

HMA Transport

Mix transport involves all actions and equipment required to convey HMA from a production facility to a paving site including truck loading, weighing and ticketing, hauling to the paving site, dumping of the mix into the paver or material transfer vehicle hopper, and truck return to the HMA production facility (Roberts et al., 1996[1]). Ideally, … Read more »

Segregation in Transport

“Segregation” is a term often used in the HMA industry to describe a number of different phenomena. It’s most general definition comes from Stroup-Gardiner and Brown (2000[1]): “Segregation is a lack of homogeneity in the hot mix asphalt constituents of the in-place mat of such a magnitude that there is a reasonable expectation of accelerated … Read more »

Live Bottom Truck

Live bottom (or flo-boy) dump trucks (Figures 1-4) have a conveyor system at the bottom of their bed to unload their payload. HMA is discharged out the back of the bed without raising the bed (Video 1). Live bottom trucks are more expensive to use and maintain because of the conveyor system but they also … Read more »

End Dump Truck

End dump trucks unload their payload by raising the front end and letting the payload slide down the bottom of the bed and out the back through the tailgate (Figure 1, 2 and Video 1). End dump trucks are the most popular transport vehicle type because they are plentiful, maneuverable and versatile. Use for HMA … Read more »

Bottom Dump Truck

Bottom dump trucks, most often used for HMA in more rural settings, (Figure 1) unload their payload by opening gates on the bottom of the bed. Internal bed walls are sloped to direct the entire payload out through the opened gates. Discharge rates can be controlled by the degree of gate opening and the speed … Read more »




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